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Buildings and monuments, shopping malls and retail chains, corporate foyers and museums; increasingly people expect to be entertained in locations that were traditionally the preserve of purely architectural lighting. In many venues it is no longer sufficient to light a space beautifully, the lighting is now required to be part of an interactive entertainment experience that must stand out against all the competing presentations to which visitors are exposed.

This bridge between architectural and entertainment lighting, which increasingly utilises LED and video technology, has created a new market that is growing rapidly. Our objective is to provide the control tools that this market requires and to continue to develop these tools based on the feedback of users worldwide.


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Christchurch International Airport

Christchurch Airport was the first international airport in New Zealand, opening in 1950. Today it is the second busiest airport in the country with increasing passenger numbers and the construction of a major terminal upgrade has recently been completed. Pharos’…more

Sky Wind Turbine, London

A wind turbine over 50m tall with a unique curved column is instantly recognisable to drivers on the M4 corridor which heads into London. Built by British Sky Broadcasting’s west London office in 2012 it generates enough power to make…more

Central Station Wagon Hoist, Leeds

A classic pair of steam-powered wagon hoists were originally situated on each side of the viaduct leading to the Leeds station goods warehouse. Sadly only one survives but the remaining hoist has now been fully restored and positioned to front…more

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Dynamic White Control

Colour temperature adjustment has previously been possible with Pharos controllers, but there are now further options to customise how the channels interact with each other, as well as support for RGB + Dynamic White fixtures. The default interaction can be…more

Rain Gradient Custom Preset

Custom Presets in Pharos Designer give you a huge amount of creative freedom when creating effects for projects. Custom Presets use Lua scripts to generate colour and intensity information for each pixel in a matrix. Along with the example scripts…more

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